Yer Khang . 19 . Wisconsin

I am so happy I get to love Chris and he gets to love me. Our love for each other is so unconditional. I’m sooo blessed to be with a great man. I love him so much, haha i don’t even know how to express myself anymore.. so grateful to know that at the end of the day, it’s him who will always be there for me. And I know he’ll never leave, cheat, or be disloyal to on me. I love him :) … & can’t wait to start our future.. wish we could grow up and be successful already. 

Why i fell for Chris in the first place
  • Chris: Hey goodmorning baby. I miss you
  • me: Hi sweetie. I miss you too :) haha been awhile since you woke up missing me :P
  • Chris: really? i miss you every morning knowing you're not here... and that's everyday
  • hahaha, my man is back! =)

  -  2 September
When i complain to boyfriend about family.

Chris: Okay baby. I’m sorry. What can i do? To Help?
Me: uhhh marry me, lol jk :D
Chris: lol one day babe.

i’m way more than head over heels for him :)

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